• Me In A Nutshell

    Hi, my name is Julian Moser. I am an Austrian media designer and music producer. It is my passion to create meaningful designs and touching experiences.


Web Experience.

Tweezee is a web-based realtime visualizer of twitter live data. Users can filter by certain terms, compare and see where people currently speak about these topics in the world. Connections demonstrate retweets and replies in order to make spreading of tweets visible. Tweets get geocoded and shown on a WebGL globe. Tweezee is completely controllable via speech.

Start the experience (WIP).

Used technologies
  • Twitter Streaming API / Rest API
  • node.js / express
  • MongoDB
  • WebGL, three.js
  • Backbone, jQuery
  • Web Speech API / Web Audio API



tweezee_01 tweezee_02 tweezee_04